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Founded in late 1991 HORSE POWER s.r.l. has given himself the primary target of assisting customers for the definition
of the anlytical applications, products selection, dedicated engineering,for the of modern process analysis instrumentation
with commissioning and start-up services.


Our company is proud to offer a specific experience not lower than 50 man/ years built up in various industrial areas,
designing and manufacturing analysis systems for advanced process controls environmental, safety, products and
productions quality controls.


We are a limited number of highly specialized people. Our workshop, at Bareggio (near Milano) consists  of fully automated
offices where the engineering, drafting, design  and commercial and administration activities are handled. In a separate workshop adequately equipped all the laboratory, repairs and production activities are attended.


Our know-how is also integrated with that of well known manufacturers with whom we cooperate on terms of exclusivity.
The most significant are:

- SYSTECH INSTRUMENTS (UK) : for the electrochemical traces and percent oxygen and moisture analyzers
- I.A.S. / DEL MAR EUROPE (F) : with their lead acetate type H2S and Total Sulphur analyzers in gas, fuels and other Refinery products,  both for laboratory and process application. 
- BARTEC-BENKE GmbH (D) : with their complete line of the typical PHISICAL PROPERTIES analyzers for refineries such as Distillation, Cloud/freeze point, CFPP, FLASH point etc. 
- MIKRON / E2Technology (USA) : with their range of I.R. pyrometers for the Clauss units, stacks, boilers and other high temperature applications.

OXYGEN (ppm and %) : electrochemical types starting from 0-2ppm ranges, portable and for fix installations,
Hersch type, microprocessor based, from 0-5ppb, Zirconia type, microprocessor based, from 0-ppm.

MOISTURE : electrolitic types also ultra high sensitivity version for electronics and ultrapure gases uses

INFRARED : single beam, dual wavelenght, for CO, CO2, CH4, hydrocarbons, solvents and other
chemicals with a defined absorption in the INFRARED region.

THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY : for H2, CO2, CH4, N2O and for binary mixtures (or assimiled) applications.

H2S and TOTAL SULPHUR : analyzers in Natural Gas, Gasoils and other gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and products.

PHISICAL PROPERTIES ANALIZERS : such as Distillators, Flash / Freezng / Cloud Point, CFPP, RVP, Viscosity and
NIR spectrometers for typical refinery applications on fuels, lube oils feeds etc.

L.E.L. detectors : portable & fixed, CATALYTIC or INFRARED sensors, also as EX 3 wires transmitters.

TOXIC GASES monitors : portable and fixed, with electrochemical sensors, also as 2 wires Eex-i transmitters
for the most known toxic gases such as: H2S, SO2, NH3, HCl, HF, VCM, SOLVENTS, etc.

FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL : food packaging and headspace O2 and CO2 analyzers

SAMPLING SYSTEMS : we design and manufacture them on the application selecting the most appropriate
components and solutions.

each analytical application is engineered on the specific customer's specification thru 3 different steps:
-definition of the analyzer/s and their performances.
-design of the appropriate sampling system for ensuring the reliability of the anlytical results.
-design of the complete system on the local environmental, electrical and other specific requirements.
The experience that we have acquired on most of the industrial processes is therefore available both for the
optimal technical/economical design and for assuring the integration of our system with the existing realities,
environments, installations, data communications etc.
  Almostthe totality of our analyzers are available also in CENELEC certified execution for use in hazardous areas.
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